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Finding the right paving contractor can be stressful. Here at QPave, we believe in clear communication and exceptional quality. To help you avoid any hiccups, here are some key red flags to watch out for: Unrealistic Quotes & Pressure Tactics: Super low quotes often indicate cut corners or inexperienced workers, leading to big paving problems […]

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Using crusher dust under paving is the correct way for a paving installation

At QPave, we’re passionate about creating beautiful, long-lasting patios, walkways, pool surrounds and driveways for our customers.  One question that frequently comes up is whether we use plastic sheeting under the pavers.  The answer? No way! While it might have been a common practice in the past, plastic sheeting actually creates more problems than it

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Paving ideas - entrance paving , pool and patio paving, driveway paving

Thinking of revamping your driveway, patio, or pool area with beautiful and functional paving? Cape Town’s unique climate and design styles call for expert advice to ensure a long-lasting and attractive result.  In this FAQ, we answer your most pressing questions to guide you towards the perfect Cape Town paving solution for your home. Q:

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Courtyard paving

Winter is over and spring is here! This is the perfect time to clean and refresh your outdoor living space. Here are some tips to get you started: Clean your patio. Sweep away any dirt, dust, or leaves that have accumulated over the winter. If necessary, wash your patio furniture with a mild detergent and

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Driveway Paving - Sealed Driveway Pavers

There are many different factors to consider when paving, such as the type of material, the climate, and the budget. It is important to ask questions and get professional advice before starting any paving project. Here are some of the most frequently asked paving questions: Q: Can I install brick pavers myself, or do I

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Clay Driveway Paving Wheatstone Paver with Cobble Inlay

When it comes to enhancing the look and functionality of your home, selecting the right paving material is crucial. The material you choose for your driveway, walkway, or patio can significantly impact the overall appearance and durability of your property. With many options available, let’s explore key factors to consider in helping you choose the

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Commercial Apartment Paving - Vintage Sandstone Pavers

When it comes to brick paving, many homeowners worry about how it will hold up during the winter months. The truth is, brick paving can be an excellent choice for winter landscaping, even when it rains. Durability: Brick paving is extremely durable. Brick pavers are designed to withstand heavy foot traffic, harsh weather conditions, and

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Pavecleen process before and after

Protecting your paving during the rainy season is essential to maintain the integrity and life of your outdoor surfaces. The constant exposure to rainwater can cause severe damage to the paving material, leading to cracks, potholes, and other forms of deterioration. Here are some tips to help you protect your paving during the rainy season.

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Entrance Paving - Sandstone Cobbles

Have you been thinking of installing a walkway on your property? Well, you\’re in luck because there are many benefits to doing so! Here are five reasons why you should consider installing a walkway: Kerb Appeal Firstly, let\’s talk about kerb appeal. We all want our property to look as attractive as possible, right? Having

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Paved courtyard with garden

Are you looking for cost-effective garden ideas? Even if you don\’t have a large budget, you can still create a comfortable and attractive outdoor living space for you and your family. Take a look at these six great garden ideas to inspire and motivate you to make a change. 1 Get creative with pots Outdoor

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