Sandstone Pavers with Artificial Grass

Spring has Sprung. Summer is close by.

Spring has sprung and it\’s beginning to look a lot like summer, everywhere we go. Perennials poking up through the ground, flowers blooming (have you been up the West Coast yet?), and everything is looking lush and green. Along with all the fun things of spring, comes a new routine. It’s time to crank up the lawn mower, get out the fertiliser and weed killer and start the back-breaking work of getting rid of nasty weeds. Or, you can change and design your garden to not just be beautiful, but to be a place to relax instead of a place for doing weekend chores.

Here are some ideas for taking the work out of your garden, and putting the fun back into those lazy days of spring and summer:

Pave it:

Who says you have to fill your entire garden with grass? In fact, it is more limiting if you do. By paving parts of your lawn with walkway paving, and patio areas, you not only add architectural interest, but functionality too, while eliminating the work zones of time consuming lawns and flower beds. You can create  sitting areas, braai areas, and walkways that divide your space into mini rooms outdoors.

Turf it:

Forget the hours of labour every week to water, mow, weed and fertilise your lawn. Replace it with artificial turf that looks and feels like the real thing. The only thing you need to do to enjoy artificial turf is simply walk outside. Nothing more is needed to experience the soft feel under your feet and the vibrant pop of colour it adds to your outdoors.

Cover it:

Rather than running inside your house every time it gets too hot, or even the odd summer rain shower,  get an umbrella – the really big ones. Pergolas, made for gardens, come in different colours and sizes, and can be easily installed over sitting areas, patios, tables, and grass to enable you to stay outside in all types of summer weather and soak in the smells and sounds of nature, instead of being cooped up inside.

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