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Driveway Paving - Sealed Driveway Pavers


No matter where you live in the country, if you have natural stone, clay or concrete brick paving, or any similar type surface on the exterior of your home, it is important to protect it. There are many benefits to

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Pavers around pool

Paving Project Highlight – Camps Bay

Camps Bay Project Imagine owning a beautiful home in Camps Bay.  The house itself is fantastic, but the outdoor area leaves much to be desired.  Old, cracked cement used for the steps leading to the house.  The paving to the

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Driveway Paving Cape Town

Is Driveway Paving A Good Investment?

Driveway Paving Adds Value The short answer is: YES, and not for one, but many reasons as you will soon discover. Real estate experts agree that a good landscape can provide a high return on investment. Constructing a visually appealing

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Patio Paving - Slabs

Outdoor Living in the Pandemic

With the COVID-19 pandemic, we are encouraged to get fresh air to stay healthy.  Creating an outdoor entertainment area has become more than just building a “pretty garden”, it’s more of a health necessity. Warmer weather is on the way

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Sandstone Pavers with Artificial Grass

Spring has Sprung. Summer is close by.

Spring has sprung and it\’s beginning to look a lot like summer, everywhere we go. Perennials poking up through the ground, flowers blooming (have you been up the West Coast yet?), and everything is looking lush and green. Along with

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Is a Phone Quote Enough?

You’ve been thinking and planning upgrades to your home for a long time.  The driveway is looking shabby, the patio is too small and messy, and the garden path is non-existent. When the excitement of starting your upgrade hits, you’ll

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Pavecleen Weed-free Paving

Weed-Free Paving

No matter how well paving might be laid, and no matter how much was spent on quality materials, all paving requires some basic maintenance to keep it looking its best. Weed-free paving doesn\’t exist, no matter what you’ve been told.

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