Paving Styles

Discover a world of possibilities as we transform your space with the ideal paving solutions, tailored to your unique vision.

The Country Style

Timeless. Comfortable. Charming.
Country paving is the perfect way to add a touch of rustic charm to your home.

Explore Country Pool, Country Driveway and Country Patio Styles below.

The Contemporary Style

Bold. Trendy. Urban.
Contemporary paving is the perfect way to add a touch of modern sophistication to your home.

Explore Contemporary Pool, Contemporary Driveway and Contemporary Patio Styles below.
Modern Paving

The Modern Style

Clean. Minimalist. Refined.
Modern paving is the perfect way to add a touch of sophistication and elegance to your home.

Explore Modern Pool, Modern Driveway and Modern Patio Styles below.

Start Your Journey

You probably have your budget in mind – but may not be too sure of the style of paving that will suit both your pocket and your home. But, you know what you like and you know what you don’t. So let’s start by choosing your style and looking at the paving that will complement that. Start by choosing your preferred style below.

Most Popular Driveway Styles

Rustic Country Driveway Styles

#Timeless #Comfortable #Charming.

Vintage Paver - Sandstone

Rustic country driveway paving styles exude timeless charm and natural beauty. Balancing functionality with a cosy, welcoming ambiance, creating a picturesque entrance to your home.

Half Broken Cobbles Wheatstone: Rustic Blend Mix

Vintage Paver - Sandstone with Double Cobble Charcoal Border

Corobrik Wheatstone paver

Half Broken Cobbles Wheatstone

Vintage Paver - Sandstone

Gemini Paver Tan

Half Broken Cobbles Wheatstone

Exposed Aggregate Paver Brown Stone

Cabrico Wheatstone paver

Vintage Paver - Sandstone

Contemporary Driveway Styles

#Bold #Trendy #Urban #Flexible #Free form approach

Maxi Cobble Paver

Contemporary driveway paving styles reflect classic design aesthetics, often emphasising clean lines and innovative materials.

These contemporary paving styles prioritize functionality and visual appeal, complementing classic architectural trends.

Driveway Paving Cape Town

Pavatile Euroblok Sandstone

Karoo Paver - Charcoal with Gray Inlay Border

Vintage Paver - Sandstone Spring blend border and inner border

Karoo Paver Charcoal Sealed

Vintage Paver - Sandstone

Contemporary Driveway Paving Styles

Wheatstone Paver

Vintage Paver - Charcoal With Inset border

Vintage Paver - Sandstone

Vintage Paver - Sandstone

Modern Driveway Styles

#Clean #Minimalist #Refined #Structured #Balanced

Klompie Paver with Charcoal Inlay Border

Modern driveway paving styles are characterized by sleek, minimalist designs and innovative materials.

These modern paving styles emphasize functionality, durability, and visual appeal, seamlessly blending with modern architectural designs.

CapeCast Cobble Paver - Mixed Sizes

Pavetile Cobble 104x104 Charcoal

Pavetile Cobble 104x104 Charcoal

Pavatile Eurocobble 156x156 , 208x208 Charcoal

Cape Cobble 155x155 with Gray Inlay

Modern Driveway Paving Styles

Estate Cobble Charcoal with Charcoal Romano Cobble Border

Modern Driveway Paving Cape Town


Most Popular Pool Paving Styles

Rustic Country Pool Paving Styles

#Timeless #Comfortable #Charming.

Pavatile 440x440 Sandstone Paver

Rustic Country Pool Paving Styles encompass natural textures and earthy tones to create a warm, inviting, and harmonious blend with the surrounding landscape.

Pavers around pool

Vintage Paver - Sandstone

Vintage Paver - pavers around pool after

Wetcast Mixed sizes with Charcoal Cobble Inlay Border

Clay Brick Pavers

Clay Brick Pavers

Contemporary Pool Paving Styles

#Bold #Trendy #Urban #flexible #Free form approach

Mixed Sizes Sandstone

Contemporary pool paving styles feature sleek, clean lines and a harmonious blend of modern materials, creating a sophisticated and minimalist look and feel around the pool area.


Pavatile Mixed Sizes, Richtersveld Sandstone, Shurefoot Coping

Capecast Mixed Sizes - Sandstone, Charcoal Inlay Border

Revelstone Pool Pavers

Revelstone Paver

CapeCast Mixed Sizes - Sandstone

440x440 Pavers - Desert

Cemstone 440x400 - Beach Sandstone


Characoal Cobble Inlay Border

Pavers around pool

Revelstone 440x440

Cemstone 440x440 - Kalahari

Modern Pool Paving Styles

#Clean #Minimalist #Refined #Structured #Balanced

Swimming pool deck

Maxi Cobble Charcoal

Modern pool paving styles embrace a fusion of cutting-edge materials, patterns, and innovative design, resulting in a chic and functional space that complements today’s architectural trends.


Cemstone 1.2x600 Slab and Grass Inlay, and 500x500 Pool Paving

Pool coping pavers

440x440 Modern Gray

Modern Paving

Modern Pool Layout - Ivory

500x500 Charcoal with 300x300 Gray Copings

Modern Pool Paving Styles

400x600 Ivory

Pavers around pool on the swimming pool deck

440x400 with Raised Pool Coping

440x400 Beach Sandstone and Coping

Modern Coping Only with Artificial Grass Surround

Most Popular Patio and Walkway Styles

Rustic Country Patio and Walkway Styles

#Timeless #Comfortable #Charming


Pavatile 440 X 400 one size - Sandstone

Rustic Country Patio and Walkway paving styles evoke a sense of warmth and natural charm with weathered textures, natural materials, and earthy tones, creating a cosy and inviting outdoor haven.

Pavatile 440 X 400 one size - Sandstone

Bond Paver - Terracota

Paving Styles - Pathway paving

300 x 300 Pavers

Swimming pool deck and garden paving

Karoo Tan Raised Patio

Entrance and Driveway Paving Cape Town

Cobble Patterned Entrance-way

Contemporary Patio and Walkway Styles

#Bold #Trendy #Urban #Flexible #Free form approach

Maxi Cobble - Charcoal

Contemporary Patio and Walkway paving styles feature a blend of clean lines, sleek materials like concrete or porcelain pavers, and minimalist design elements to create a sophisticated and contemporary outdoor space.

Manor Cobble - Grey

Revelstone 1mx500 Slabs

Corobrik Piazza Paver - Burgundy Variation

Steps after paving

440 x 440 Slabs - Sandstone

Courtyard Paving

Pavatile Sandstone Mix of Sizes

Patio Paving - Patio After Paving

440x440 Slabs

Modern Patio and Walkway Styles

#Clean #Minimalist #Refined #Structured #Balanced

500x500 Slabs - Charcoal with White Stone Inlay

Modern patio and walkway paving styles exhibit a sleek and contemporary design, featuring clean lines, minimalist materials, and innovative landscaping elements, giving you a sophisticated and functional outdoor space.

440x440 Charcoal - Stretcher Bond Pattern

440x440 Beach Sandstone Slabs

Beach Sandstone 440x440

Porcelain Quartz Grey Paver

600x1m Porcelain Grey Quartz

Beach Sandstone Steps Leading To Patio

440x440 Charcoal Slabs with Grey Rises

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