Choosing the Perfect Paving

In South Africa, we are lucky to be able to spend so much time outdoors, particularly during the warmer months. All you need are the essentials: the perfect paved entertainment area, a good braai and a large table for family and friends. The cooler autumn and winter months are ideal to plan and lay the foundations for a spectacular summer entertainment area. Before the furniture and accessories arrive, you need to consider what lies beneath. Pavers provide the perfect look that creates an area, such as a pathway, patio or eating area. They also need much less upkeep than a lawn or garden. To help choose the perfect paving, here are the facts on colours, materials, sizes and textures.

Choosing the right colour
Be careful of ‘dark heat’
In general, dark colours absorb and retain more heat than light colours. The more light that is absorbed, the greater the heat produced. Rather choose lighter colours that are cooler on the feet.
White vs. off-white
You may be tempted to select white pavers – they provide a strong contrast against the blues of a pool or the greens of a garden. A better option would be to choose off-white or beige, as it produces much less glare.
Bring inside, outside
To bring continuity to the interior of a house, similar surfaces and tones are beautifully integrated. Why not follow this theory outdoors? To create a seamless transition from the inside floor application to the outdoor entertaining area, select pavers that have similar tones and sizes as the interior tiles. By creating an inside-outside feel, the right types of pavers can transform a tired entertainment area into an extension of your home.

Bigger is better
Large format is still a massive trend and it works a treat when using natural stone. It can be laid in surprising patterns, adding personality to an outdoor space.
Greys and browns
Tones of grey have entered the style stakes. Dark, moody grey, charcoal and chocolate brown are the epitome of cool, although mid-greys and browns are more suitable if the paving area has direct sun and minimal shading.

Type of paving
It’s a constant favourite since it is heavy-duty, easy to clean and reasonably priced. Lots of colours, patterns and textures are on offer, and some even replicate natural stone. Since there are so many options, it makes it easy to mirror the indoor floor tiles, providing a natural connection between inside and out. After application, concrete pavers need to be sealed to provide long-lasting protection.
Kiln-dried clay pavers are resilient and low maintenance, making them perfect for driveways, pool areas and entertaining areas. Since they age gracefully, decorative clay pavers look elegant when utilised as a country-garden pathway. Geometric patterns, such as herringbone or basketweave, add beauty and texture to any backyard.

Quality paving is durable and low maintenance. Having said that, some maintenance is required. A weekly sweep with a stiff broom will go a long way to keeping your paving looking neat and clean.
However, you need to be well prepared for any other slip-ups; stains, for example, need to be wiped away in an instant. Regular resealing is also required.

For the perfect paving – durable, beautiful, versatile and low-maintenance that will stand the test of time, call QPave today.

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