Courtyard and Braai Pit Paving Charcoal Karoo Pavers with Revelstone Braai Pit

Patio Perfect Additions

We all know that a patio is a great way to add space to your home and is perfect for relaxing, parties, braais, and more. If you’ve been wanting to update your patio, we have a few suggestions on how to do so:

Patio Paving

Most patios are outdoor extensions to your home and need to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home.  There is no better way to define the area than by using paving.  At QPave, our professional Representatives will guide you on the best product and design.

Fire Pit

Fire pits are the new fashion lifestyle statement and can be great in any season.  They come in a variety of shapes and sizes to complement your space and your style. Just don’t forget to add some seating to make the area even more cozy and inviting.

Build a firepit in the same or similar brick paving, to enhance the flow and visual appeal of your patio area.


Water can be a soothing element for any outdoor space and a patio is the perfect place to add a fountain or pond. Consider adding an elegant fountain so you can enjoy the constant sound of trickling water. Or if you have space, opt for a pond where you can add succulents, frogs, or fish to liven it up.


Whether you’re trying to stay dry or cool, shade can be a big help on a patio. If your patio is adjacent to your home, consider adding a retractable awning that extends out over your patio. You can also buy large stand-up umbrellas that can do the same thing.


Your patio is outdoors, so why not incorporate some plants into its design? Add some structure by planting some shrubbery around your patio border or build a few elevated flower boxes and fill them with colourful flowers or succulents. You can also simply plant some attractive foliage in planters and incorporate them in the shape of your patio.

Our QPave professional Consultants are experienced, skilled and will always advise you on the most suitable options for your property. You are assured of getting the transformation you always wanted for your exterior space. Give QPave a call today for a no-obligation free quote.

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