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Paving Project Highlight – Camps Bay

Camps Bay Project

Imagine owning a beautiful home in Camps Bay.  The house itself is fantastic, but the outdoor area leaves much to be desired.  Old, cracked cement used for the steps leading to the house.  The paving to the entrance to the house and patio area was a mix of cement blocks and pavers – in bad shape.

As it got increasingly unsafe to walk on, our client started to think about replacing it. But they wanted to do it right and were looking for a more lasting solution than simply re-paving with concrete. All in all, the area needed a total revamp.


The owners called in QPave and together with our Representative, came up with a plan to enhance the outdoors and increase the value of the home.

After looking at a few options of pavers, it was agreed that the perfect paver to use for these areas would be Revelstone Perfect White paver.

\"Steps  \"Camps  \"Patio  \"Patio


And so our team got to work – uplifting the old concrete and pavers; levelling and preparing the areas for new paving, and finally laying the new pavers.

Although the uplifting and levelling is all normal in a professional paving job, the back-breaking part of this project was having to carry everything up and down the stairs – a task our team did with professionalism and speed.

The stairs were not all square so precision cutting was needed to keep the pavers uniform and neat.

The ground at the entrance and patio of the house was uneven and needed to be levelled correctly in order for the pavers to be laid.

Once the pavers were laid and grouted, they were sealed using our top of the range sealing product.  The advantages of sealing the paving is that it helps prevent erosion, inhibits growth of mold/mildew/algae/fungus and enhances the colour of the paving.

\"Steps  \"Walkway  \"Patio  \"Camps


 Our client couldn’t believe how quickly and efficiently the job was completed.  To add even more, they were thrilled with how much value the new paving added – both from an aesthetic and monetary perspective. They didn’t do it for resale value, but it’s has enhanced the value of the property.

Another perk? It’s now a pleasure to entertain on the patio and enjoy the incredible view – a seamless blend of beauty, durability and functionality.

If you\’d like us to do the same for your home, give QPave a call and we will send out a knowledgeable Representative to advise and guide you to the best possible outcome.

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