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6 Budget Small Garden Ideas To Inspire You

Are you looking for cost-effective garden ideas? Even if you don\’t have a large budget, you can still create a comfortable and attractive outdoor living space for you and your family. Take a look at these six great garden ideas to inspire and motivate you to make a change.

1 Get creative with pots

Outdoor plant pots are a simple way to update the overall look of your yard. These are sometimes an afterthought compared to the plants that will grow in them, but they can make a significant impact and instantly brighten a place.

Terracotta, stone, and soft neutral pots may all be used to create a rural garden impression. Or, you can recycle unused aluminium tins as another low-cost plant pot trick. Add a coat of paint to the tins, giving them a new lease of life as a home for succulents or herbs.

2 Consider artificial grass as a low-maintenance option


Small gardens and courtyards can be improved by adding artificial grass, which reduces maintenance time and keeps your garden looking great all year round.

It\’s also easy to clean. Using a simple brush, you can remove any built-up dirt or fallen leaves. You can also use a pressure washer to remove harder-to-clean stains and freshen areas where pets may spend time.

3 Plant and grow perennials

So you\’ve prepared your pots or flower beds; now you need to make a trip to the nursery for plants, or do you? Choosing perennials, such as Clivia or Agapanthas, means spending money once and having them bloom year after year. Taking cuttings from your existing perennials and re-planting them is a cost-effective way of maintaining and filling your garden.

4 Work outdoor lighting into your garden’s landscape

Outdoor lighting adds another dimension to your garden and will keep you outdoors after dark. Solar lights are a cheap and easy option, or you could use fairy lights to light up specific trees to make your small garden look more magical.

5  Pave your small garden space


Create the illusion of more space in a tiny garden by adding outdoor living room ideas into your own garden. Whatever your garden size, adding garden paving can help make your space more welcoming for you to spend time in.

With a little maintenance and care, your paving will keep on adding value to your home, for years to come.


With a bit of planning, you can create the garden of your dreams and enjoy it for years to come. Our QPave Representatives can assist you with your paving and artificial grass garden or courtyard designs.  Give us a call for your free consultation and quote.

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