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Is It Time To Bring New Life To Your Paving?

Paving can add incredible beauty, functionality and value to your home and landscape. Over time though, these pavers can start to show their age in a few ways, including letting weeds pop through, having uneven surface spots, empty joints or even loose or cracked pavers. Paving can also become very dirty if not cleaned regularly. If you’ve replaced any of the pavers over time, there might be some that don’t match in colour. But there are many options available as a homeowner to bring new life to your paving.

Handling Repairs

Unfortunately, there are many reasons why paving can start to fail, and it’s usually best to contact a professional paving company to handle the repairs. The first thing that should be done is identify any loose or broken pavers, as these can be dangerous to people walking on them. It could mean your paver needs to be re-bedded, but first the cause of the problem must be identified. Simply packing more cement into the joint and hoping it fixes the issue usually doesn’t work unless you get to the root issue. Possibly, the wrong type of base material was used initially, or the foundation was inefficient, or the edges of the patio were improperly restrained. Sometimes just old age and movement of the earth can take its toll on paving.

Assessing the Damage to Your Paving

When you hire a professional paving company, they will first assess/diagnose what the main issues may be. There’s a chance that the entire paving will need to be re-bedded before any pavers are put back in place. Once the bedding layer is fixed, pavers are repositioned with any damaged pavers being replaced. Next, the entire working area will be professionally cleaned and, if required, sealed.

Proper Maintenance for your Paving

Once your paving is fixed, simple maintenance can add years to your paving. Unless you are a professional, don’t use a power washer, instead use a regular garden hose with a spray attachment to remove the majority of dirt and grime. It’s important to regularly sweep your paving, preferably before any rain since dirt and leaves can leave stains when they are exposed to moisture. Just remember to always be vigilant in maintaining your paving investment.

So, if you feel it\’s time to bring new life to your paving, give QPave a call today on 086 11 22 55 7, or email and a representative will contact you to discuss your requirements.


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