Driveway Paving - Sealed Driveway Pavers


No matter where you live in the country, if you have natural stone, clay or concrete brick paving, or any similar type surface on the exterior of your home, it is important to protect it. There are many benefits to sealing paving – here are a few…

Sealing your pavers protects them from the elements

Probably the main benefit of sealing is that it helps protect and maintain your paving as it will be more resistant to unwanted stains such as oil, grease, spilled food/drink, etc. This makes it easier to maintain and keep your paving clean. Tyre marks are also a reality, but these are easily cleaned off when the pavers have been sealed

Sealed pavers resist mould, dirt, and grime

Plus, sealing ensures preservation by stopping moisture absorption, helps prevent erosion and inhibits growth of mould/mildew/algae/fungus. Sealing makes the pavers less porous so that mould will grow a lot slower and make it easier to clean up and also helps protect against dirt and grime.

Sealing pavers enhances the bricks\’ colour

When applied by trained professionals, sealing will enhance the colour of pavers, bringing out and intensifying the natural colours of the surface; Sealant will enrich the colours of the brick but won’t change the colour. Kind of like it does when it\’s damp or wet, it\’ll make that paver colour really come to life and bring up the natural beauty.

Pavers are stabilised when sealer is applied

 And Finally, Assists with stabilisation by protecting against rain and water degradation, Reinforcing paving integrity by hardening joint sand, which also deters weed growth and insect activity. So what that means is sealing hardens the sand in the joints and it helps keep it from washing out. It doesn\’t cement the joints together, however, it does help. So if you get heavy rains and that sort of thing, or even a light pressure washing, that sand, won\’t blow out.

To a lesser extent, the sand stabilisation will also help with insect intrusion. It doesn\’t stop it completely, but you will find that you get a lot less ant mines and that sort of thing, when that sand is stabilized and hardened in the joints.

The QPave Pavecleen Process for Cleaning and Sealing your paving has been perfected over many years.  Give us a call today to get the best possible advice and no-obligation quote for cleaning, regrouting and sealing your paving.



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