Is a Phone Quote Enough?

You’ve been thinking and planning upgrades to your home for a long time.  The driveway is looking shabby, the patio is too small and messy, and the garden path is non-existent.

When the excitement of starting your upgrade hits, you’ll probably be in a hurry to find out how much your dream space is going to cost. But remember, there are many reasons why it’s best to not receive a quote over the phone.

If a paving company says they can give you a firm quote over the phone (without seeing your property), that can be a red flag. They may not have enough experience to know the many different factors that can affect the cost of an outdoor remodel. As attractive as a low quote may sound initially, an inaccurate one can end up costing you a lot more once you receive the final bill!

1.  A Careful Inspection of Your Space is Needed

This is important. There’s absolutely no way to get the full picture without knowing what can and cannot be done with your space. An accurate site inspection will look at everything from layout and flow of the property to your home’s architectural style. Your space will also be surveyed for drainage requirements which will be needed for a variety of new projects. Whether it be a driveway, pool paving, patio or artificial turf, proper drainage will ensure you don’t end up with a puddle in the middle of your new space.

2.  Understanding Your Ideas and Needs

Besides a thorough inspection, it’s also important to ensure everything is designed to maximise how you enjoy your space. If you’re looking to create a new relaxation space or braai area, it’ll be crucial to take your surroundings into account. You might also want to consider what the view will be like. While sound levels and wind patterns might not be a huge concern for a walkway or driveway, they could drastically affect the design for a new entertainment area.

3.  Materials Matter, Big Time

Material pricing for any outdoor living product varies greatly, which will directly affect your total project cost. The variety of paving stone options, colours and sizing available will influence your project price.  From cobbles to sandstone pavers, and everything in-between. All of these selections will determine an accurate price for your remodel.

You Owe It to Yourself To Get A Free Consultation

Any reputable paving installation company knows the value of meeting face-to-face and providing a thorough, free quote process. By getting to know exactly what you want in your outdoor remodel and discussing the possibilities for your design, both you and the company you’re working with can make sure the project ends up meeting expectations and staying within budget.

With customer service as our number 1 priority, our professional consultants will advise and help you design your dream paving. Whatever you are looking for – quality brick paving, garden paving, driveway paving, parking area, patio, pathway or braai area, we have the paving range to suit your lifestyle choice. Give QPave a call today on 086 11 22 55 7 and a professional Representative will ensure you’re outside enjoying your new outdoor space in style in no time!


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