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Outdoor Living in the Pandemic

With the COVID-19 pandemic, we are encouraged to get fresh air to stay healthy.  Creating an outdoor entertainment area has become more than just building a “pretty garden”, it’s more of a health necessity. Warmer weather is on the way and people are cleaning up their neglected yards, patios, and garden areas in order to have a safer, cleaner, healthier place to get together. The landscape on outdoor entertaining has changed; tight enclosed rooms are out, and healthy outdoor living areas are in.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), virus particles disperse more easily outdoors when social distancing is maintained. Whether you live in the arctic north or the hot south, design planning for your 2021 landscaping and outdoor garden area should start now so homeowners can create a safer area outdoors.

Here are some ideas on where you might boost your landscape and outdoor entertaining areas for a safer and more rewarding outdoor entertaining experience during the pandemic.

Socialising Space 

Standing or sitting 1.5 metres – or more – apart from one another is one of the CDC’s suggested practices. Create an outdoor paved living area that enables you to spread out chairs, tables, and seating areas, whilst still being social and homely. Add blankets over the chairs for guests to snuggle into if the evenings are still a little cold.


Hot and Cold Entertaining 

Patio heaters, outdoor fire pits or braai areas are important tools to help keep the air more comfortable on a cold evening.  A paved area around a pool will also allow your guests to cool down and keep you outside socially-distanced for a longer period of time.


Home Outdoor Office 

With summer approaching, more and more people are moving their home offices outdoors when possible. Set up a small desk on a picnic table in a covered patio or sitting area and enjoy the beautiful outdoors. Besides getting fresh air, it can also be a comfortable place to meet clients.


The Braai Zone

Braaing is a smart way of “killing the virus” and can be an important part of a patio landscape design. Your braai area build plan should enable people to easily move around the area without a bottle-neck that might force people too close together who are sharing the space.



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