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Transform Your Patio With These 4 Hardy Plants

Adding a bit of greenery to your paved patio area, creates a space that is cool, colourful and reflects your individual style. For those who are keen to leap into the world of growing plants but lack the confidence to do so, here are 4 hardy plants to help you transform your patio.

1. Kumquat Trees

The kumquat (Citrus japonica) is a perfect patio plant. It does well in a pot, as it’s slow growing and can be pruned to keep it at a manageable size. It’s also low maintenance, requiring a deep water about once a week and, for best results, some liquid fertiliser once a month or so. While kumquats don’t mind the cold, they also love the sun and can adapt well to subtropical climates. Above all, it’s a beautiful looking plant, with glossy dark green leaves and bright orange fruit all year round. Add to this the distinct scent of both the flower and the fruit, and you’ve got a plant that just keeps on giving.


2. Ferns

Ideal for shady spots in your garden or on your patio, ferns thrive in mild, tropical and subtropical climates. Apart from keeping an eye on the water levels (particularly if they’re in pots or hanging baskets) and fertiliser, ferns need very little maintenance beyond the removal of dead fronds. Other than this, you might need to divide the plants occasionally, as ferns propagate from rhizomes and can spread quickly, which is also one of their benefits, as they will fill your space in no time at all.


3.  Succulents

There are literally 1000s of varieties of succulents. One of the defining qualities of a succulent is that it stores water in its stem or leaves, giving them their distinctive fleshy look and the added benefit of being highly drought-tolerant, which is also what makes them very easy to grow.
Succulents grow really well from cuttings, so ask friends, family or neighbours for some snippets before you start spending money. Most varieties also thrive in pots and rarely need feeding, so they’re a great low-maintenance option for small patios. Mix up your varieties for a striking display of tones, textures and flowers that requires very little attention beyond a weekly water during summer and even less during a rainy winter.


4. Geraniums

The best thing about geraniums is that they are incredibly hardy – they are drought-tolerant, pest resistant and can grow in almost any soil. They do very well in pots and planters, and there are also trailing varieties that are ideal for hanging baskets on patios.


Whatever you decide, have fun creating a patio that you can enjoy no matter what the season.

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